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I am misunderstanding. In an option menu, if I have, say, the second line of the text of the button as empty, I get empty in the selected choice. This has nothing to do with the name of the button itself, which  does not show itself, nor the state of the show name.

This is the behavior of an ordinary button, where if the label is not empty, then that label is shown as the "name" of the button, taking the place of the actual name.

What am I missing?


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I've struggled with using the showName property of a menu button pretty
ever since I started using LC and beginning to wonder if I'm

The showName property needs to be true for the the user's
selected choice
from, for example, an option menu to be displayed.  First
problem - that's
the label not the name. But if the text of the menu happens to
be empty,
its name is displayed instead of empty which normally isn't something
want to happen.

The dictionary says "If the
<> has a *label*
<>, the
<> is
instead of the name." but I have not found that to be the case.  If a
button has non-empty text and label and you set the text to empty, its
is displayed, not the label.

A good number of my menus are populated in
a mouseDown handler with dynamic
content which may be empty.  My workaround has
been to check for empty and
either set the button text to space, or set the
showName property to false
and be sure to set it to true in the menu's menuPick

This isn't a huge deal but am I missing something obvious?  Wouldn't
be the
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