Revmail problems on Windows 8

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jul 1 10:31:19 EDT 2015

David V Glasgow wrote:

 > The good news is that using the launch url workaround recommended by
 > Richard (below) worked fine.  So anyone encountering the same issue
 > can take this route.  Thanks Richard.
 > Why Revmail should fail in the way I have described is beyond me.
 > Maybe brighter coders can take it from here.

This is just a hunch, written in complete ignorance since I haven't read 
that part of the IDE's library, but ignorance hasn't stopped me from 
posting here before so here's my hunch:

IIRC you'd experienced this on Windows only, yes?

I believe revMail predates the engine's implementation of "launch url". 
  If so, and if revMail hasn't been updated to use "launch url", it may 
be that it's using the older method of attempting shell calls for stuff 
"launch url" now does with more robust lower-level API calls.

Windows shell options have undergone many changes since Vista forward, 
but Microsoft has a good reputation for maintaining backward 
compatibility for their lower-level APIs.

If you have time to submit a bug report for this that would be very 
helpful, so they can update whatever's going on in that library to make 
sure it uses the engine's "launch url" call as smartly as you can do 

Once again, the old adage applies:

Know the engine
Trust the engine
Use the engine

Rather than seeing this as a workaround, I see it as using a newer 
feature that operates just a little closer to the OS.  Any time we can 
reduce the distance between our scripts and the underlying OS we 
generally benefit.

"launch url" not only makes a great replacement for revMail, but will 
handle any protocol that the system is set up to handle, including other 
common ones like "ftp" and "http" but also custom URL schemes as well.

 >> On 21 Jun 2015, at 3:15 pm, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> One simple workaround is to just use "mailto:" directly with "launch 
url:", e.g.:
 >>   put "someaddy at <mailto:someaddy at>" into tAddress
 >>   put "Some Subject Line" into tSubject
 >>   put "This is the body of the email" into tBody
 >>   put "mailto:"& tAddress &"?subject="& tSubject &"&body="& tBody \
 >>       into tURL
 >>  launch url tURL

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