6.7 vs 7.0 performance [was: Re: Tio does not work ]

Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Fri Jan 30 17:52:32 EST 2015

Has anyone installed LC 7 in a shared hosting account with a provider 
other than Dreamhost? If so, would you be willing to put the following 
script on your server and let Dreamhost support (and me) use it in some 
tests for the next few days? Dreamhost isn't sure the speed lag is their 
problem, and maybe it isn't... but having the same test script available 
on different hosts and running under similar "custom" installs of LC 7 
server could produce some interesting comparisons. (on-rev servers 
aren't equal in testing because LC is "built in".)

Here is my test script - it's pretty trivial but does the job:

put "LC version" && the version & CR & "SYSTEM VERSION"  && the 
systemVersion & CR & the time & CR after tOutput
repeat with x = 1 to 3
     put x & CR after tOutput
end repeat
put CR
put the keys of $_SERVER into tList
sort lines of tList
repeat for each line tKey in tList
     if $_SERVER[tKey] is an array
     then put "[" & tKey & "]" & CR after tOutput
     else put tKey && "=" && $_SERVER[tKey] & CR after tOutput
end repeat
if "LiveCode" is not in $_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"] then replace CR with 
"<BR>" in tOutput
put tOutput


Thanks for whatever help you can provide. Just post your URL here and 
I'll post the test results (if someone doesn't beat me to it)

Here is my DH test URL for the above script:

Phil Davis

On 1/26/15 11:20 AM, Phil Davis wrote:
> Thanks so much for your work on this, Peter. I just posted a support 
> request to Dreamhost with a PDF of the LC bug post (13983) your forum 
> post attached. We'll see how they respond.
> Thanks -
> Phil Davis
> On 1/26/15 8:04 AM, Peter TB Brett wrote:
>> Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:
>>> This suggests that the biggest performance degradation we're
>>> experiencing on Dreamhost is specific to the interaction between DH's
>>> Apache setup and launching our LiveCode CGIs.
>> Hi all,
>> I have performed some tests that strongly suggest that these issues 
>> are indeed Dreamhost-specific.  Please see my latest forum post here:
>> http://forums.livecode.com/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=22072&p=118043#p118043
>> Have you considered taking these issues up with Dreamhost's support?
>> Note that we will soon start providing fully-supported and performant 
>> LiveCode 7 hosting via On-Rev.
>>                                      Peter
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Phil Davis

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