semi-OT: beta testing closing

Chris Sheffield cs_livecode at
Mon Jan 26 18:23:42 CET 2015

Just thought I’d throw this out there. Sounds like Apple is killing the <> beta testing site in favor of their newer TestFlight service. <>

Kind of cruddy, imo. Especially because Apple’s new version of the service only supports devices running iOS 8+, which means no more testing apps on older devices, or even on newer devices running older versions of iOS. Their TestFlight app won’t even install unless iOS 8 is installed on the device. In the education market, we need to be able to test different configurations. I was kind of hoping they would leave this service running a bit longer. We may have to look for something else.

Does anyone know of other beta testing services that work similar to TestFlight?

Also, the last time I checked into using TestFlight in iTunes Connect, I could not get a LiveCode-built app to work correctly. I kept getting a warning about missing entitlements. Does anyone know if this is fixed yet? I haven’t tried it recently.


Chris Sheffield
Read Naturally, Inc.

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