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Peter Bogdanoff bogdanoff at
Wed Jan 21 16:07:02 EST 2015

I reverted back to an earlier version that didn’t show the problem.

However, when adding the now missing cards and controls, the problem came back. The missing cards were create anew; controls copied over from the old, weird stack.

It does seem to be caused by some object limit that the Inspector can display. The text of the Inspector itself starts being truncated:

On some cards I'll see Inspect>Buttons>[then a brief list with the first 4-8 or so buttons]
On other cards I see Inspect>Butt [exactly this. (Whose butt, I don’t know. I’m a musician, not a proctologist! ;) ) ]
On other cards I can see the whole normal list of buttons, fields, etc.

All the versions of LC 6 that I tried show the issue. In LC 7 I don’t see this problem at all with the same stack. It seems to be fixed there.

I’m going ahead with the weirdness in my stack and stick with LC 6.1.3. In the future I’m going to go to LC 7 as I require the Unicode, but not yet—the AV foundation player is not fully functional for my requirements, but that’s another story.


On Jan 21, 2015, at 10:08 AM, Geoff Canyon <gcanyon at> wrote:

> Sorry I didn't see this before -- if you're seeing that the problem is now
> fixed, then maybe -- maybe -- there was something wrong with the stack
> before. If you still see the problem, if you have a large number of
> cards/controls, maybe there's some inherent limit in the inspector you're
> hitting. Navigator has limits as well, they're just very large. I think in
> menus it's something like 300 cards/objects, and in lists I think it's
> 3000, or maybe 10,000. Those were set a long time ago because of
> performance limitations. At this point I could probably remove them and the
> engine/Navigator would likely hold up for much larger counts.
> On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 3:14 PM, Peter Bogdanoff <bogdanoff at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like some expert advice.
>> I have a stack that on some of the cards exhibit an issue: When you show
>> the Inspector and there click on Inspect>… it doesn’t show all the
>> controls. In fact it only shows Inspect>buttons> and then a list of the
>> first 7-8 buttons on the card. On the card there are dozens of buttons,
>> fields, an image, etc., but the Inspector doesn’t list them.
>> When I use Geoff Canyon’s Navigator plugin I see all the controls, and
>> indeed, all the controls seem to be visible and it all works. I can select
>> any control and its properties display in the Inspector. Just that dang
>> Inspect> triangle doesn’t show all it should.
>> This issue occurs on many of the cards of this 3,000 card stack, but not
>> all; on many all the controls show properly in the Inspector. This anomaly
>> occured recently but doesn’t seem to affect the functionality of the stack.
>> I’m using LC 6.3.1, but I also see it when I open that stack in a later
>> version of LC.
>> My question(s): Has anyone seen this before? and is my stack damaged? and
>> should I revert to an earlier version?
>> Peter Bogdanoff
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