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Peter Haworth pete at
Tue Jan 20 20:12:31 CET 2015

Hi Kay,
Sorry for the delayed reply, been too busy getting the filename thing

I'm using LC 6.6.2 and the controller works fine there (except see my
comments below).  I just tried exactly the same stack with 7.0.1 and
confirm what you experienced, nothing plays.  I'm using mp3 files.
Filename of the controller looks exactly the same as in 6.6.2.

I guess I should file a bug report.

I guess that answers my question on how to handle unicode for this project
in 7.0 - don't bother!

>From my limited experience with the controller, it doesn't seem to be a
well designed control.

First thing I noticed is that if you set its filename to something invalid,
all the controls disappear and you're left with a white rectangle.  I also
could not find where an error like that can be captured.  More importantly,
if you set the filename to empty, the same thing happens.  Seems like empty
should mean there's nothing to play, none of the controller buttons work.

It seems strange that there's no way to get the state of the player, by
which I mean whether it's playing, paused, or stopped.  There should be a
property for something as basic as that.  I ended setting my own custom
property in the playerStarted,playerPaused, and playerStopped message

There's no way to tell which button in the controller has been clicked.
The playerStarted and playerpaused messages handle some of that, but I
couldn't find a way to tell if the fast forward/reverse buttons were
clicked and had to write my own handler to figure that out based on the
clickLoc and the rectangle enclosing those buttons.

There are no next/previous buttons.  I understand that the player has no
concept of track management but those are pretty standard buttons and
should be optionally available along with messages that are sent when they
are clicked.

I attempted to use the callbacks property to send me a message every second
so I could update the current play time on the screen.  Either I was doing
something wrong (there was no error message) or the callbacks don't work.
I ended up writing a handler that did the update using the currentTime of
the player and sending the message to itself every1 second and canceling
the message when the playyer paused or stopped.

If this wasn't just a homegrown product for my family, I'd not be using the
built in controller.

lcSQL Software <>
Home of lcStackBrowser <> and
SQLiteAdmin <>

On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 7:38 PM, Kay C Lan <lan.kc.macmail at> wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 11:16 AM, Peter Haworth <pete at> wrote:
> > I'm not
> > using LC 7 yet but I managed to get around that one.
> >
> >
> Pete, thanks for the shell 'mount' pointer. I didn't get it to work first
> try but I'm sure it will be the solution.
> What version of LC are you using. I've not done anything with Players in LC
> so I've no clue. I created a new stack in 7.0.1, dragged the player object
> over, it looked normal, it played the demo RunRev mp4 OK. I then changed
> the fileName to an mp3 and no matter what I couldn't get any music. So I
> thought maybe it was an LC 7 thing, so I tried LC 6.6.5. New stack, drag
> the player object on to it and it looks all broken. The object seems to be
> in two separate parts - a empty box and offset to that a blue box 4 times
> the size. It doesn't play the RunRev Demo movie or music - it appears to be
> completely unusable to me.
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