bringing a field of a sub-sub group to the for for editing

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On Jan 17, 2015, at 10:40 AM, Dr. Hawkins wrote:

> I have fields in generated pages which are editable.
> The pages are constructed by placing groups, which in turn all belong to
> another (turned out that, at least in the IDE, it is far, far faster to
> delete that one group than to loop & delete).
> Anyway, some of the fields can be multi-ine, and could end up with more
> lines.
> This all means that if I change the height of the field to the
> formattedHeight, that the top portion will remain visible, but that the
> bottom will be below the next formatted group.
> I could do a big song & dance to raise and lower groups, but I'm thinking
> it might be cleaner to have a separate stack that positions itself over the
> single field, and then sets the text dispatches closeField or exitField to
> the new field.  But this in turn means, I suppose, adjusting enterField in
> general to send it its close messages.
> Has anyone else dealt with something similar?

Not sure if I know what you have in mind, but I wouldn't use a separate stack over the field being edited. For each editable field userInputField I would use openfield to trigger showing a scrolling input field at the same location, then on closefield I'd set the text or htmltext of of the field userInputField to the text/htmltext of the input field, then set the height of userInputField to the formattedheight of userInputField, and add the difference in height to each of the groups following. You could set a custom prop of the scrolling input field to the name or ID of userInputField so it would load the correct field. Not sure if all of that is clear or will do what you want.

-- Peter

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