Image caching not releasing images in 7.0.7 (rc2)

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Jan 18 21:35:15 CET 2015

On 18/01/15 21:38, Richard Maring wrote:
> Hi,
> The following is built on Windows 8.
> I have a referenced image in an image holder that the user can click a
> 'Delete' button that deletes the image from the hard drive.  The user can
> then click a button to select a different image from their hard drive to
> display in the same image holder.
> The app takes the new image and scales it down and renames it to the same
> name as the previous image.
> When the new image is brought in the old image is the one displayed, even
> though the image source points to the newly created image.
> Obviously the new image cache is not releasing the old image and is
> displaying the prior cached image.  I have searched for any answers and the
> only thing I could find was from may of 2014.  The answer back then was to
> set the source of the image to something bogus and then set it to the newly
> created image.
> This does not work in LC 7.0.1   I have tried everything I can think of,
> including deleting the image holder and creating a new on on the fly.  As
> long as the new file-name matches the old cached one, the cache won't
> release the old one.  You literally have to exit the app and come back in
> for this to change.
> It would seem there would have to be a way to clear the image cache or to
> tell LC NOT to cash the image in the first place.
> Any thoughts or ideas would be immensely appreciated.
> Rich
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7.0.7 (rc2)

Wow: you are so far ahead it's beautiful!


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