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Sun Jan 18 18:56:04 CET 2015

Thanks Kay and Kee, your suggestions put me on the right track.

Kay: there is a mount command available though Terminal but I've never used
it so don;t know if it would do what you're suggesting.

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On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 3:39 AM, Kay C Lan <lan.kc.macmail at> wrote:

> Kee,
> that had me confused and I looked a little deeper. It appears that
> I've just been lucky in the simple URL way I've been accessing files
> across my LAN - this is as tested on OS X 10.9.5.
> The URL method I posted earlier, and the open file for read methods do
> NOT seem to work unless the actual network folder the file resides in
> is mounted on your system - i.e. the Eject symbol needs to present not
> just the server and or folder icon visible. After a quick test the
> simplest way I've found within LC to mount the network folder/file and
> get the exact path name is to use - answer folder/file
> answer file "Choose a file:"  --navigate to a network TEXT file to test
> put "file:" & it into tFilePath
> put URL tFilePath into msg
> For ages I've been using LC to 'do as AppleScript' to tell BBEdit to
> open a network file. I've then been using the 'put URL xxxx into tVar'
> and 'put tContent into URL xxxx' without a hiccup. I didn't realise
> that LC needed the file to be mounted first and BBEdit was doing it
> automatically for me.
> Does anyone know if there is a command to force OS X to mount a folder
> that you have appropriate access rights to? I can think of a million
> reasons why you would want to bypass the 'answer folder/file' step. It
> would be nice if either the  put URL, or open file methods
> automatically mounted the folder, or a 'mount fiolder' command that
> acted like a faceless 'answer folder'; you gave it a folder path and
> it mounted just like answer folder/file is doing now but without the
> dialog box.
> If no one knows of a faceless way to mount a folder on OS X I can put
> in an enhancement request.
> Do those on Win and Linux have automatic mounting of network
> folders/files or is this a problem on those platforms as well?
> Oh and one last thing. One MAJOR difference between the URL method and
> the open file for read method. If you use open file for read, whilst
> ever it is open if you try and unmount the server/folder, i.e. click
> on the Eject icon, you will get a System warning telling you "The disk
> xxxxx couldn't be ejected because LiveCode is using it". With the URL
> method it is possible to Eject the server/folder without any warning
> so may unwittingly stop your stack from doing what it's suppose to.
> I think I better go back and change my URL method to open file for read.
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