How to access a file on a remote computer

kee nethery kee at
Sun Jan 18 05:55:17 CET 2015

If the client machine can see the file in the Finder while it sits on the server machine, an easy way to get it’s path is to open Terminal and drag it’s icon into Terminal. Terminal will write out the path. You can copy the path and use it as long as the client can see the server in the Finder. A simple "open file <the path> for text read” will do what you need (assuming your client Mac has read access).

If you are not logging into the server from the client, and you want to gain access to it as if it was on a web or FTP server, you’ll need to actually set up a web or FTP server on the server Mac. Doing that, you’ll access it as if it was a web page using the get URL command.

Kee Nethery

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