How to access a file on a remote computer

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Sat Jan 17 22:37:29 EST 2015


two things I notice.

Firstly as the file path is enclosed in quotes there is no need to %20
the spaces.
Secondly, rather than using localhost you should be using Volumes.

So for me, using my hometheatre iMac as a test bed, with a 'a SHARED
test file.txt' sitting in the Shared folder of the iMac, this works in
the msg box

put URL "file:/Volumes/Shared/a SHARED test file.txt" into msg

with 'a PUBLIC test file.txt" sitting in the Public folder of the
iMac, this works

put URL "file:/Volumes/hometheatre's Public Folder/a PUBLIC test
file.txt" into msg

and just in case you wanted to access a file on your Time Machine - in
this case my TM is named Tardus and the file's name 'a TARDUS test

put url "file:/Volumes/Tardus/a TARDUS test file.txt" into msg


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