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Fri Jan 16 17:16:26 EST 2015

On 1/16/2015 4:09 PM, Shawn Blc wrote:
> Phil that was the one that worked like I was hoping.   Thanks John and
> Phil!   Don't need the extra Php file now!

Here's another way:

on mouseUp
   put fld 1 into tText
   put 0 into tSkip
     get offset("",tText,tSkip)
     if it > 0 then
       put the number of words in char 1 to (it + tSkip) of tText into 
       put word tWordNum of tText & cr after tList
       add it to tSkip
       exit repeat
     end if
   end repeat
end mouseUp

Lots of ways to do stuff in LC.

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