Inspector Issue

Peter Bogdanoff bogdanoff at
Fri Jan 16 16:14:07 EST 2015


I would like some expert advice.

I have a stack that on some of the cards exhibit an issue: When you show the Inspector and there click on Inspect>… it doesn’t show all the controls. In fact it only shows Inspect>buttons> and then a list of the first 7-8 buttons on the card. On the card there are dozens of buttons, fields, an image, etc., but the Inspector doesn’t list them.

When I use Geoff Canyon’s Navigator plugin I see all the controls, and indeed, all the controls seem to be visible and it all works. I can select any control and its properties display in the Inspector. Just that dang Inspect> triangle doesn’t show all it should.

This issue occurs on many of the cards of this 3,000 card stack, but not all; on many all the controls show properly in the Inspector. This anomaly occured recently but doesn’t seem to affect the functionality of the stack. I’m using LC 6.3.1, but I also see it when I open that stack in a later version of LC.

My question(s): Has anyone seen this before? and is my stack damaged? and should I revert to an earlier version?

Peter Bogdanoff

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