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Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 15:23:22 EST 2015

On 15/01/15 21:51, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Richmond wrote:
> >> On 15/01/15 16:34, Dr. Hawkins wrote:
> >>
> >> Pretty much standardized.
> ...
> >> An RC believes that all bugs are taken care of, and is only making
> >> sure of this.
> >
> > Why do I have a funny feeling that RunRev probably know that?
> Because they're described in similar terms at the top of RunRev's 
> Downloads page:
> <http://downloads.livecode.com/livecode/>
> It's helpful to clarify that "all bugs taken care of" is both close to 
> impossible and almost never happens with any software in the history 
> of the industry.
> Instead, what's aimed for as a software gets close to release is that 
> all *critical* bugs are addressed, and of course the only ones that 
> can be addressed are those that are *known* at the time.
> With most projects, from Apple's OS X to Adobe's Photoshop to RunRev's 
> LiveCode, minor issues may get put off for another version beyond the 
> one being tested.
> Many here note that they only begin testing after release, and then 
> report bugs no one else has seen.  With complex systems in which the 
> interaction of commands creates a combinatorial explosion of possible 
> states, it's practically impossible to identify all possible issues 
> prior to release.  Awareness of this basic driver of all software 
> engineering of similar scope can be helpful in encouraging us to test 
> new builds with our scripts to ensure a new version will do what we 
> uniquely require of it.
> It would be nice if all software shipped completely bug-free, but I've 
> never seen such a thing.  As a practical matter project teams tend to 
> prioritize issues and address the most critical first.
> > Although, having said that, they did "confess" that they test their
> > Linux versions on a horribly outdated version of Ubuntu.
> Where did they write that?  Throughout the forums and the bugs reports 
> I've been following I've seen fairly regular references to Ubuntu 
> 14.04 LTS, the most recent Long-Term Support release the project has.

That's good to know :)

Last I heard they were using a 2008 version. Would be grateful if you 
check back with the Mothership.


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