Script to Generate Concurrent Times

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On Jan 13, 2015, at 10:21 PM, Brahmanathaswami <brahma at> wrote:

> We are planning to do some webinars. I am looking for a liveCode script that can read a time value on our web server and output a little array like:
> Honolulu: 1:30 PM Sunday Jan 16
> San Franscisco 4:30 PM Sunday Jan 16
> Chicago 6:30 PM Sunday Jan 16
> Toronto: 6:30PM Sunday Jan 16
> New York:  7:30PM Sunday Jan 16
> Rio de Janeiro: 8:30PM Sunday Jan 16
> Perth: 7:30 AM Monday Jan 16
> Sydney: 11:30 Monday Jan 16
> etc.
> Yes, I could probably find this as  JS/php script, but no, i don't want to do that, as I'm a bit  crazy about trying to stay with LC!

Someone a few years ago showed me this; I can’t remember who.

In your .lc script do this:

	put "US/Mountain" into $TZ # or whatever time zone you want to show
	put shell("date") into tDTstring

Setting the $TZ variable right before called the date command returns the date/time the specified timezone. At least it works on the on-rev servers.



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