Odd crash with 7.0.1 and 6.7.2(rc1)

William Prothero prothero at earthednet.org
Tue Jan 13 15:58:38 EST 2015

I’m seeing a crash in both version 6.7.2(rc1) and 7.0.1 in my application. It only happens with a standalone in Windows. I’m running windows 7 64 bit in parallels 10, Yosemite on the Mac. The place where it causes the crash is in the following code, where the formatted width and formattedHeight of the map image comes out to be 0. This causes the crash. The app works fine in OS X standalone and in both Mac and Windows IDE’s.

 put getAFilePath("files/maps/")&mapFileName into fullFilePath
   set the filename of image "mainMap" to fullFilePath
   set the visible of image "mainMap" to TRUE
   wait for 0 seconds with messages
   put the formattedWidth of image "mainMap" into mapWidth
   put the formattedHeight of image "mainMap" into mapHeight

This is a show stopper for my Windows version of my App. Can anybody suggest a workaround for this?


William A. Prothero

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