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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jan 12 13:32:36 EST 2015

It may be helpful to have a label property for fields, but should the 
label have a fixed location or be settable?  Should it always use the 
font face and style of the field, or be independently settable?  What of 
its opaque, borderwidth, and other properties?

So we could invent a new syntax for this sub-object, so that we could 
have sufficient control over it - but once we have that, would this:

    set the textStyle of the label of fld "Name" to "Bold" any simpler than:

    set the textStyle of field "Label" to "Bold"


I believe the attraction to auto-created labels is the time savings at 
the moment of creation.  To me this seems more of an opportunity for a 
creation tool than the need to modify the innards of the engine to 
invent a new class of sub-objects.

Maybe this is helpful:

That said, maybe a middle path between a simple creation tool and a more 
complex category of sub-object would be a good experiment for Open 
Language/Widgets once a v8 Alpha is available.

Rather than a request for the RQCC, why not just build it as a v8 widget?

In fact, we don't really need to wait for v8 to get started.  One could 
begin the ground work on defining the properties and behavior right now 
with the tools we have for custom controls, and update that for v8 when 
it becomes available....

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