Crash-a-lot just became critical

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jan 8 17:04:07 EST 2015

Dr. Hawkins wrote:

> I've been living through the frequent random crashes...

Computers are deterministic systems:  consistent inputs will yield 
consistent results.

If something may appear to be random, it merely suggests we haven't 
found the recipe for reproducing it yet.

All problems with computers can be resolved by identifying the 
differences between the working and non-working states.

Your filing a bug report is helpful (#14350 for those wishing to help 
triage this), but the crash log may not be enough for the team to 
identify what went wrong.

It might, though, and if so then we have nothing more to worry about.

But if this issue is important to you (and it would seem that it is), 
you may be able to get what you want more easily by including in your 
bug report a description of what your program is doing when it crashes.

If this is really important, you may consider adding some script logging 
to your stack so you can at least know the last handler that executed 

If you haven't yet played with the messageMessages property and the 
messageHandled message to make such a log, I can provide a simple script 
for you to log all handler calls to a text file.

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