[ATT] Derek Henderson, South Africa

FlexibleLearning.com admin at FlexibleLearning.com
Thu Jan 8 06:30:23 EST 2015


I have tried twice to reply to your email. Each one has bounced back with
"Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table".

I am assuming you want to use flcDatePicker without the supplied
flcDatePicker Utility stack...

You can "start using stack flcDatePicker" if the stackfile is visible to the
engine. You may need to set the defaultFolder first. This has nothing to do
with flcDatePicker... it is how the Livecode engine works.

One way is to place the flcDatePicker file in the same folder as your own
work, like this:

Put the defaultFolder into tDefDir
Set the itemDel to "/"
Set the defaultFolder to item 1 to -2 of the effective filename of this
Start using stack "flcDatePicker"
Set the defaultFolder to tDefDir

I hope this helps.

Hugh Senior

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