Sticky Popup Menu?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jan 6 20:17:36 EST 2015

Scott Rossi wrote:
 > Anyone know if it’s possible to make the menu that’s created using
 > "popup stack …” sticky?  So it doesn’t automatically disappear when
 > releasing the mouse?

I've had good luck with borderless palette windows, not using the popup 
command at all but simply opening them.  I trap escapeKey to dismiss 
them, and close them on suspendStack so clicking anywhere outside of 
them dismisses them like a menu does.

I use these as flyout panes in the new Devolution 3 in development, and 
they've been surprisingly satisfying as an alternative to popup stacks.

The old popup command was designed back in the days when all menus were 
implemented as stacks, so they always dismiss as soon as anything is 
clicked on.

But with these flyout panes I can have any type of controls I want, and 
the pane stays up until I either use escape key or click anywhere 
outside of it.  If needed of course you could have a close button as 
well to cover your bases.

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