[ANN] New Version of the MasterLibrary is available

Magicgate Software - Skip Kimpel skip at magicgate.com
Mon Jan 5 20:16:12 EST 2015

Question: When I try to "insert script" after choosing the target stack I
always get "Do you really want to set the Library Scripts of stack Untitled
1 to empty"  After I choose Yes, the dialog box goes away nothing appears
to have happened.  Obviously my test stack is "Untitled 1" but I am
assuming something else is supposed to occur.


On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 2:52 PM, Michael Doub <mikedoub at gmail.com> wrote:

> I just made available the latest version of the MasterLibrary.   I added a
> reference to a standalone library that can be used to generate test data.
>  Below you can see what has been added in the last few releases.   Enjoy...
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/3wpwn3hfbmpl7sk/MasterLibrary.livecode?dl=0
> -= Mike
> Release 20
> *    Changed the splashscreen logic to not be dependent on monitoring
> allowinterrupts.  Much simpler to
>     just wrap a try statement around the offending routine and loop until
> it is in memory.
> *    Just for fun, I added a link to a library stack that I created that
> generates test data, for names,
>     street addresses, states, provinces, zip and postal codes, phone
> numbers.   There are also two fun
>     routines that generate Villain Names and business titles.   So just
> call me Doctor Shadow, Global
>     Paradigm Orchestrator or how about The Atomic Freak, Internal Data
> Liason.  Fun fun....
> Release 19
> *    Changed the splashscreen logic to look at the value of
> allowInterrupts to monitor when the IDE has
>     finished its initialization to make sure revloadedstacks is in memory.
> *  Added busy indicators in areas where there was a long processing time.
> Release 18
> *    Changed __Init_Pi_gpio to __Pi_gpio_init to have consistent naming
> with the other Pi_gpio routines
> *  Added __CenterTextVertically
> *  Added Splash Screen and corrections to address the timing issue
> associated with needing to wait for
>     IDE to finish loading before doing stack initialization that uses the
> revloadedstacks function.  Also
>     changed some references to more precisely address some objects.
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