Moving a Group Smoothly

Colin Holgate coiin at
Mon Jan 5 23:50:57 CET 2015

I did a test, and at first the movement seemed smooth, more so in v7.0.1 than in v6.6.4. Then I tried making the group more complicated, and things were less smooth.

So then I made a ridiculously complex group, and tried this test:

on mouseUp
   if the shiftkey is down then
      move group 1 to 100,100 in 1 second
      exit mouseUp
   end if
   lock screen
   put the loc of group 1 into gloc
   import snapshot from group 1
   hide group 1
   set the loc of image 1 to gloc
   unlock screen
   move image 1 to 100,100 in 1 second
   send toggle to me in 1 second
end mouseUp

on toggle
   lock screen
   set the loc of group 1 to 100,100
   show group 1
   delete image 1
   unlock screen
end toggle

You’ll see that if your group is complicate it may stutter along, but making it be a snapshot gives you a much smoother movement. In the above test you’ll need to manually move the group to the starting point you want to try.

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