put URL error

Peter Haworth pete at lcsql.com
Mon Jan 5 00:19:25 CET 2015

As part of checking for updates in my products, I go get a file that has
the latest version of the product and compares it to the installed version,
pretty common logic.

The sequence of commands is:

put URL (the cVersionFile of me) into tVersionInfo
if the result is not empty then
   return the result
   < check the version etc>
end if

cVersionFile contains "http:www.lcsql.com/<path to the version file"

This works fine on my Mac but has been failing on my Windows 8 machine with
the result containing "invalid host name".

I put the same URL into my browser on the Windows 8 machine and saw the
contents of the file displayed in the browser.

Is this some strange Livecode problem or a Windows 8 config issue?  I don't
have access to another Windows box to check the latter.

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