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It seems that the notice/re-enlistment occurs at relatively regular intervals. Does this mean that the number of mails sent between each episode is the same, as if I am allowed, say, thirty or so before I tax the servers patience?


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> Jacque thought it might have to do with AOL, but you are not on that service.

I still think it has to do with AOL, but the recipient doesn't need to 
be on that service (my mailserver isn't.) It's that the sender is 
writing from AOL and the recipient's server is rejecting those messages 
because AOL has set some properties that the receiving server doesn't like.

Yahoo did the same thing apparently. I do know that some of your 
messages never arrive here, but others do, so in my case it's spotty and 
not often enough for me to get the bounce notice. My email client does 
put some of your messages into my spam folder.

AOL and Yahoo have a history of spammer abuse, and it's likely that's 
why they set up certain parameters and why the receiving servers are 
rejecting so many of the those emails.

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