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Interesting the info about the Linux connection.

All the best wishes and health in 2015 for all developers and the RunRev team to make the Next Generation of LiveCose see the light this year!


 Richmond <richmondmathewson at> wrote:

>On 31/12/14 22:37, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> On 12/31/2014 1:23 PM, Richmond wrote:
>>> What I need to know is where in those 2 volumes I should place my
>>> Livecode standalone so that it shows up on the iPad desktop.
>> It's all hidden and iOS doesn't offer a file system. The only way to 
>> get an app onto your device normally is to install it the usual way 
>> via over-the-air or through iTunes.
>> I don't know how jailbreaking the device will affect it, but in an 
>> unrooted device you must have a developer account and the appropriate 
>> certificates and distribution profiles set up. Otherwise the app won't 
>> install.
>> If there is a different way with a jailbroken tablet then you'll need 
>> to do some research, as Apple doesn't allow that.
>"Apple doesn't allow that"; Ooo, I'm scared . . .
>I jail-broke the thing because I really don't like being told what to do 
>with something I own:
>1. A friend of mine keeps hens in a car: that's OK. Mind you it can be a 
>bit disconcerting if one brakes suddenly
>and one gets a squawking chicken butting one in the back of the head. 
>The second time I borrowed one of his cars
>I took the second from the left (he has 8 old cars in a row), knowing 
>the hens stayed in the first. I saw some lovely
>day-lilies growing in the sheuch, stopped the car, and felt something 
>licking my neck - I'd picked the car with the goat!
>2. I use a copy of a book given out at airports by a well-known cult as 
>a way to prop open the toilet door so the cats
>can get in and out to do their business: that's positively a lot better 
>than what the cult intends it for.
>3. The iPad was gifted to me by my son (who was gifted it by Sheikh 
>Abdullah al-Thani); so I really don't know who agreed to
>some funny EULA that won't stick anyway.
>"It's all hidden and iOS doesn't offer a file system." Really? Try 
>hooking an iPad up to a Linux box. Extremely informative.
>When I connect the iPod to my Ubuntu Studio I can see a set of nested 
>directories via the Thunar file-browser that is
>the standard XFCE thing:
>One path: /Documents on Richmond's iPad/  contains folders with the same 
>names as apps I have installed (i.e. NOT the standard ones that
>come pre-installed when one installs iOS), each of thos folders contains 
>one folder called (where 'ZZZ' is the name of the app) and
>a series of other folders: 'Documents', 'Library', 'tmp' and two 
>documents: 'iTunesArtwork' and 'iTunesMetadata.plist'.
>So, PRESUMABLY, I have to author an iOS standalone on Macintosh and then 
>put the resulting app package in a folder with the same name in
>the Documents folder via Linux.
>Certainly that is what I shall try to do.
>I shall also have some 'fun' examining the contents of the plist files 
>of other apps . . .
>By-ther-way: the file system mounts on Linux running XFCE regardless of 
>whether it has been jail-broken or not.
>Before anyone wants to get all hoity-toity and pompous about my 
>jail-breaking an old iPad (and the amount of people on this Use-List
>and the Forums who do get all hoity-toity about that sort of thing never 
>ceases to amaze me, especially as the imposition of those
>sort of rules by companies that manufacture operating systems and/or 
>computer hardware is legally shaky at the best of times,
>and anybody with a half-decent brain can work out that legality and 
>morality do not have a one-to-one correspondence), I assure you
>I have NOT jail-broken my iPad out of some of attempt to start 
>manufacturing Livecode standalones and handing them out from my website
>with instructions to end-users on how to subvert Apple's draconian 
>control to install the things.
>I have fooled around with the iPad emulator and, frankly, find it 
>extremely difficult to work with: an iPad coming my way was jolly lucky; so
>I jail-broke the thing for 2 reasons, the first is listed above, and the 
>second is so I can try out an iPad standalone PROPERLY by running
>my alpha, beta and (probably) gamma, delta and epsilon versions on the 
>thing before I go and make a fool of myself by issuing an
>iPad App that mucks everybody's iPad up.
>I should, perhaps, point out that if anybody else wants a "walk on the 
>wild side" and to jail-break their iPad, I tried it twice: the first time
>I "hosed" the thing completely and had to restore the whole thing via 
>The second time I used a different method and, so far, things seem alright.
>Anybody who wants the exact details should contact me off-list as this 
>has "sweet F.A." to do with Livecode.
>"in an unrooted device you must have a developer account and the 
>appropriate certificates and distribution profiles set up. Otherwise the 
>app won't install. "
>One of the jolly things about 'Cydia' (the app-thing that gets installed 
>on one's iPad if one jail-breaks it by one of the
>standard, ready-made ways), is that there is a user-guide that tells you 
>how to obtain administrator access using
>Mobile Terminal' and everybody's favourite "su root".
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