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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Feb 27 22:20:00 EST 2015

Peter M. Brigham wrote:

 > The output I get from revAvailableHandlers looks like this:
 > M mouseleave 14 17 button id 1026 of group id 1021 of card id 1082
 > of stack "NCMHC notes" of stack "/Users/pmbrig/Documents/LiveCode/
 > NCMHC notes/  NCMHC notes.rev"
 > M mousemove 1 12
 > M mouseup 19 131
 > F countVisits 133 165
 > It looks as if the first line is the first handler && the long id of
 > the target, followed by the other handlers, M for command and F for
 > function, with the starting and ending line numbers. Very useful, but
 > an odd format. This is on LC 5.5.1. Can others confirm that the
 > output is similar with later versions of LC? I want to be sure that I
 > can delete word 4 to -1 of line 1 and reliably get just a list of
 > handlers.

The cool thing about this format is that it distinguishes handler type. 
  In a simple list of handler names you may not know that one of them is 
a getProp, the other a function, and which ones are private.  With this 
format you get that and more.

The line numbers let you extract handlers instantly if needed, for 
example to quickly compare chunks from one version of a script and another.

Uncommon indeed, but also uncommonly useful.

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