LiveCode 7.0.3: a new meme

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Feb 27 17:04:27 EST 2015

dunbarx wrote:

 > Do you think it a good idea to open a new category in the forum,
 > perhaps in the "Talking LiveCode" area? It would allow issues to
 > aired, and to be vetted before they are submitted as bugs. I
 > suspect many of the new aspects of v.7 will just take getting used
 > to, and should not be taken as problems.

Thanks again for the excellent idea, Craig.

I've made a new section in the forums called "Bug Triage":

I chose to put it under the "LiveCode Open Source" section rather than 
"Talking LiveCode", in keeping with the LOS history of being a place for 
working groups while the rest of the forums are wide open to all manner 
of random chit-chat.

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