LiveCode 7.0.3: a new meme

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Feb 27 16:29:32 EST 2015

Terence Heaford wrote:

 > Maybe for a simple put all the data in and scroll it but not for all
 > the other things that a DataGrid can do.
 > My post was in response to Richard Gaskin’s request for information
 > regarding areas of poor performance in LC.

IIRC your frequent posts here about DG scrolling speed predate v7.0.3, 
possibly even v7.0.

While there may be ways to optimize the DG once v8 gets out the door, 
and are certainly many alternatives for using the native field object 
for scrolling performance that blazes past MS Excel with ease (have you 
tried Bernd's nify gadget?), the point of my post is to identify issues 
that may prevent people from migrating to v7.

Issues that exist in earlier versions are not new to v7, and as such 
they pose no barrier to migration.

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