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Fri Feb 27 14:27:24 EST 2015

Will do, when my book, LIveCode Lite, is published.  In the meantime, the following resources may be helpful:; Jackie Gay lessons; specific Livecode forum areas; different LiveCode guides; specific LiveCode lessons; Livecode newsletters; specific questions related to mobile development; sample stacks; YouTube Livecode demonstrations; file a bug; Devin Assay course; livecode datagrid; scripter's handbook etc

I particularly like Devin Assay's approach to teaching computer programming (, as well as the material provided by Livecode, and anything Jackie Gay has to say (as well as a number of other LiveCode gurus).

Stephen Goldberg, MD
President, Medmaster Publishing Co.

Marian Petrides (mpetrides at writes:
Cool! I?m familiar with your other medical education books,
although they came to late to help me in medical school. I?ll be on the lookout
for your book on LC. Will you let us know on this list when it becomes
available? Thanks.

> On Feb 27, 2015, at 7:47 AM, stgoldberg at
> I am completing a brief book called LiveCode Lite, which should be
ready this spring. It is  designed for the beginner who wants to approach the
basic aspects of LiveCode step-by-step in a linear fashion.
> Stephen
Goldberg, MD
> President, Medmaster Publishing Co.

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