Standalones requiring force-quit (and messages?)

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Fri Feb 27 18:56:06 CET 2015

I've been force-quitting the IDE as my standard so long that I don't give
it any thought . . . the frequency with which it gets lost, beachballs, or
whatever is high enough that I usually don't even try a plain quit.

Anyway, as I'm being advised that the standalones that people are testing
are needing force quits, I recalled that there seems to be something that
frequently stops the quit, even when the IDE is behaving.  I also found
that at least sometimes, turning messages off allows the quit to happen

There isn't any code that should be intercepting the quit or shutdown
requests, but I'm wondering if the period handlers could be somehow
blocking this?  e.g., ones like

on doIt
send "doIt" to me in 100 milliseconds
end doIt

This means that there are always messages in the queue; is the engine
waiting for that to empty, or do i have something more awkward on my hands?
Dr. Richard E. Hawkins, Esq.
(702) 508-8462

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