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Thierry Douez th.douez at
Fri Feb 27 11:20:09 EST 2015

Hello Michael,

I've spent one hour this afternoon playing a bit
with your nice code...

Basically I copy parser and getToken scripts to parser3 and getToken3.,
then rewrite all your regex, and a couple of small LC optimizations.

And change the DoIt script for a more accurate time comparison (IMHO)

Doing this, I find that your resulting arrays are slighty different
between parser() and parser2() ( for some double words, the second is
missing in parser2),
the resulting array for parser(), there is one line index error ( iff )

Otherwise, here are my results with LC 6.7.3:

parser:   1,32
parser2: 1,57
parser3: 1.    (new one)

1 is the fastest one; others are 1,32 and 1,57 times slowler.

Ah, and I changed in parser and parser2 your main loops, so I compare
the 3 versions having all a  repeat for each.... :)

If you are interested for this code, please contact me and
I send it to you.

Kind regards,


Thierry Douez -
Maker of sunnYperl - sunnYmidi - sunnYmage

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