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Hi John,

First of all, Mac OS X Server theoretically runs in Parallels or 
VirtualBox, but it doesn't run nicely. It is unstable and many solutions 
and tutorials you'll find on the internet lack important information, 
which makes it very difficult to get it working.

OSX for regular desktop machines doesn't work on simulators, unless you 
apply some kind of a hack. This is something I never got to work. I also 
think it is illegal.

I don't think anyone will try to buy an app on the app store using Mac 
OS X running in an emulator.

Most hackintoshes are very picky about the software they can run and OSX 
crashes more often than on real Apples. Also, you may be unable to 
update your system, because after updating it, OSX may not run anymore.

A hackintosh still costs money. I imagine that the cheapest hackintosh 
could be just a little cheaper than the cheapest Mac Mini. You'd 
probably have more value for your money if you bought that Mac Mini. 
Proboably, that's one reason why Hackintoshes are extremely rare, 
besides that it is illegal to sell them in the store.

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On 2/27/2015 01:58, JB wrote:
> I am developing a desktop app for Mac that I plan
> to sell on the Mac App store.
> My question is if people using other systems are
> able to use a Mac emulator to purchase apps at
> the Mac App store?  Do the apps usually run with
> out any problems on the emulators these days?
> John Balgenorth
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