App on different systems

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Fri Feb 27 02:12:36 EST 2015

On 27/02/15 02:58, JB wrote:
> I am developing a desktop app for Mac that I plan
> to sell on the Mac App store.
> My question is if people using other systems are
> able to use a Mac emulator to purchase apps at
> the Mac App store?  Do the apps usually run with
> out any problems on the emulators these days?
> John Balgenorth

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by an "emulator" . . .

VMware emulates the hardware of various systems; so Mac OS running on VMware
IS Mac OS and NOT an emulated system; therefore verything runs as on a 
physical machine.

An emulated operating system is where the OS, rather than the underlying 
hardware is emulated;
I am unaware of any emulator of Mac OS.

Perhaps the best way to understand this difference is to have a look at 
WINE running Windows programs
on a Linux system, and VMware running Windows 7 on a Linux system: one 
does a 90% job (WINE), and
the other is the whole thing.


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