Can't See the Image

Klaus major-k klaus at
Thu Feb 26 12:14:31 EST 2015

> Am 26.02.2015 um 18:11 schrieb Mike Bonner <bonnmike at>:
> Not sure it has anything to do with it, but you might try to-- set the
> filename of image "myimage" to the shortfilepath of "path/to the/file.png"
> which will turn it into a non spaced, 8.3 style path.  But I see klaus has
> added a response, so i'm sure correct answer is forthcoming as soon as I
> update my screen. :D  (either way, the shortfilepath conversion is helpful
> in so many places, especially when using shell() )

Hint: shortfilepath() is WIndows only!

Klaus Major
klaus at

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