Moving to the Cloud. LiveCodeServer on Linux CentoOS vs Ubuntu 11

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 25 18:25:10 EST 2015

Simon Smith wrote:
> Digital Ocean has a one click install for Lamp, that installs Ubuntu 14.04
> along with php / mysql / apache.
> I have not played to much with optimizing all the settings, but there will
> be a few things you will have to tweak in apache to get everything running
> correctly.

The first thing Brahmanathaswami will want to do is set up his shared 
keys, and Digital Ocean has a good tutorial on that:

Like many of us he's been looking for something he can use in LC to 
automate publishing securely, and rsync is so much smarter and more 
flexible than SFTP that for team members it's the way to go for 
publishing tasks with LC.

And since he's using a VPS he can take it one step further: once he's 
confirmed the key is working he can turn off password login altogether, 
eliminating all brute force attacks and trimming his log monitoring 
significantly - in that tutorial it's the optional Step Four near the 

> Think I am still running 6.7, I tried upgrading it awhile ago and ran into
> a few problems (it was either session or post / get variables - cant
> remember) I would suggest trying the latest version, if there are any
> problems it takes only a moment to down grade.

Please keep us posted if you find any issues with v7.

So far the only issues I've seen are with boot times on Dreamhost 
servers, and they have engineers looking into that.

If we find anything LiveCode-related I'm sure the team at RunRev would 
want to jump on it.

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