Moving to the Cloud. LiveCodeServer on Linux CentoOS vs Ubuntu 11

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Digital Ocean has a one click install for Lamp, that installs Ubuntu 14.04
along with php / mysql / apache.

I have not played to much with optimizing all the settings, but there will
be a few things you will have to tweak in apache to get everything running

I imagine there will be a bit you can tweak on mysql aswell - depending on
what you will be running.

You will also have to handle hardening the server along with setting a

Think I am still running 6.7, I tried upgrading it awhile ago and ran into
a few problems (it was either session or post / get variables - cant
remember) I would suggest trying the latest version, if there are any
problems it takes only a moment to down grade.


On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 5:21 PM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>

> I just noticed your subject line says "Ubuntu 11".  Why that version?
> Ubuntu releases follow a pattern in which new versions are released every
> six months, numbered according to the release date.  For example, 11.04 was
> released in April 2011, and 11.10 was released in October 2011.
> Every two years the April release is a Long Term Support (LTS) version,
> which will continue getting updates for 5 years.
> The interim releases are mostly for those who want the very latest
> features, but have a support cycle lasting only 9 months.
> The LTS versions are the most popular choice for server work and
> institutional use, since the five-year support cycle means not having to
> worry about upgrading the OS for up to half a decade.
> Right now the two supported LTS versions are 12.04 and 14.04, and you'll
> find those deployed about equally on most hosting services that use Ubuntu
> (including Dreamhost and others; Google uses Ubuntu internally, I believe
> currently based on 12.04, and FWIW Ubuntu has become the most popular
> choice with Amazon and Microsoft Azure platforms).
> For new servers I recommend the latest LTS, which is 14.04.  I not only
> use it on both of my VPSes, but also my laptop as well.  Rock solid,
> efficient - an excellent build.
> A complete list of the life cycles, with EOL dates, of all Ubuntu builds
> is here:
> <>
> It would be great if Apple published a list like that.
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