Moving to the Cloud. LiveCodeServer on Linux CentoOS vs Ubuntu 11

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 25 10:21:54 EST 2015

I just noticed your subject line says "Ubuntu 11".  Why that version?

Ubuntu releases follow a pattern in which new versions are released 
every six months, numbered according to the release date.  For example, 
11.04 was released in April 2011, and 11.10 was released in October 2011.

Every two years the April release is a Long Term Support (LTS) version, 
which will continue getting updates for 5 years.

The interim releases are mostly for those who want the very latest 
features, but have a support cycle lasting only 9 months.

The LTS versions are the most popular choice for server work and 
institutional use, since the five-year support cycle means not having to 
worry about upgrading the OS for up to half a decade.

Right now the two supported LTS versions are 12.04 and 14.04, and you'll 
find those deployed about equally on most hosting services that use 
Ubuntu (including Dreamhost and others; Google uses Ubuntu internally, I 
believe currently based on 12.04, and FWIW Ubuntu has become the most 
popular choice with Amazon and Microsoft Azure platforms).

For new servers I recommend the latest LTS, which is 14.04.  I not only 
use it on both of my VPSes, but also my laptop as well.  Rock solid, 
efficient - an excellent build.

A complete list of the life cycles, with EOL dates, of all Ubuntu builds 
is here:

It would be great if Apple published a list like that.

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