Moving to the Cloud. LiveCodeServer on Linux CentoOS vs Ubuntu 11

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 25 06:01:44 CET 2015

Brahmanathaswami write:

 > Looking for comments/insights on using LiveCode server on LInux, best
 > performance etc.
 > We will be running RevIgniter for a main site and XOOPS and other
 > smaller PHP CMS (Dokuwiki, Flyspray) on the new "box"
 > I'm told that LC 7 server breaks on Ubuntu and someone else here had
 > to use LCserver 6.7

All but one of my projects are run on Ubuntu servers, the other being 
Enterprise SUSE.  LC 7 works well on all.

If you're thinking about the Dreamhost issue, all available data 
suggests that's specific to an as-yet-unidentified issue specific to LC 
on Dreamhost's shared hosting configuration.  Thanks to Phil Davis' 
excellent stewardship of this issue with DH, we now have a senior tech 
looking into that.

I know of no other issues with LC server on any Linux host.

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