Open application when file double clicked

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Feb 24 22:01:18 CET 2015

Peter Haworth wrote:
> Thank you Richard and Jacque.  Here's the current status.
> At Jacque's suggestion I moved the appleevent handler to my main stack
> script and removed the code that inserted it as a front script.  The result
> of that was the same as with the appleevent handler in a front script,
> meaning if the app is already open and I double click a file associated
> with it, the odoc apple event is triggered and all works as expected, but
> if the app is not already running, no odoc event.  Richard - not sure how
> that affects your bug report.  Not sure why, but I prefer having the
> handler in the main stack script than in a front script.

Where was the script when it wasn't working?

I had thought it was in your stack script, but apparently I'd misread. 
Was it perhaps not in the message path at all?  It may be that this 
issue was resolved long ago.

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