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Peter Haworth pete at
Tue Feb 24 15:22:06 EST 2015

Thank you Richard and Jacque.  Here's the current status.

At Jacque's suggestion I moved the appleevent handler to my main stack
script and removed the code that inserted it as a front script.  The result
of that was the same as with the appleevent handler in a front script,
meaning if the app is already open and I double click a file associated
with it, the odoc apple event is triggered and all works as expected, but
if the app is not already running, no odoc event.  Richard - not sure how
that affects your bug report.  Not sure why, but I prefer having the
handler in the main stack script than in a front script.

Next, I put an answer statement in the applevent handler if it sees an oapp
event but I did not get one no matter whether the app was running or not.

One little oddity - it appears that the default stack is not the
application's main stack when I receive the apple event (whether in a front
script or the main stack script).  The applevent handler calls a handler in
my main stack script which in turn refers to a control in the main stack.
I got a run time error that the control doesn't exist.  I then changed the
defaultstack to my main stack in the applevent handler and all worked fine

On Tue Feb 24 2015 at 11:53:52 AM Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>

> Peter Haworth wrote:
> > I added a button to my application and put the appleevent handler in its
> > script.  Added a startup handler to the first card of my main stack to
> > insert the button script into front.  Built the standalone.
> >
> > Double clicked a file associated with the application while the
> application
> > was not running.  The application launched but no appleevent.  Double
> > clicked again with the application running and got an "odoc" apple event.
> >
> > So progress made but still no joy as far as double clicking when the
> > application is not running.
> Thanks for confirming that appleEvent handlers that need aevt/odoc must
> be in a frontScript to trigger.
> This annoyance is apparently caused by one of the Rev scripts that get
> added to your standalone at build time, which traps that message for
> those params and doesn't pass the message - bug report filed:
> <>
> I believe if you add oapp to the events you're handling you should be
> fine now.
> Please let us know how it works out.
> Now a question for everyone else:
> How do you handle your documents on Mac without aevt/odoc?  Why is this
> bug one that's only being filed now?  Do all of you who make
> document-centric apps put your ae handlers in frontScripts?  No one else
> has seen this but Peter and me?
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