Printing just one card to PDF [was Re: The owner of a selected control - a mystery]

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Tue Feb 24 09:11:08 EST 2015

On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 3:06 AM, Graham Samuel <livfoss at> wrote:

> OK,  I’m trying to follow your code. As I understand it, you have a card
> whose name is in “otCd”. You print the whole card by setting its rectangle.
> However you don’t print it to a conceptual bit of paper the same size as
> the card, do you? It looks like the size of the ‘paper' you print it into
> are numbers of pixels representing a classic US page size (is this right?),
> and you have margins too.

The 18s are the margin (1/4" each), and the size of the card is 8x10.5,
rather than the 8.5x11 I print to.

If I dropped the 18

> So this doesn’t fulfil my admittedly rather specialised notion of having a
> PDF that has absolutely no margins or white space outside the confines of
> the original card, thus acting as a surrogate screen shot of the card.

Dropping the 18s, and setting the cd size to 8.5*72 by 11*72 would do
exactly that.

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