[RANT] Really annoying posts

FlexibleLearning.com admin at FlexibleLearning.com
Mon Feb 23 05:57:46 EST 2015

We are, I know, a forgiving lot and my apologies if this offends, but please
don't waste everyone's time asking about something that you can frankly do
yourself. It says more about your attitude to others than anything else.

Bad: "Can I reference a png file?"
Means: I'm too lazy to try it, so just tell me.
Good: "I tried to reference a png file but it is not being displayed. Why?"

Bad: "Can I use a variable to store an array?"
Means: I've not read the manual or looked anything up, and it's easier if I
get you to do it.
Good: "Why can I not see an array I put in a variable?"

Bad: "Is the measureWidth the same as the formattedWidth?"
Means: I can't be bothered to do a simple comparison.
Good: "Why is the measureWidth default value not the same as the

I appreciate that many on this list do not speak English as a first
language, but don't ask others to do your thinking for you.

Hugh Senior

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