The owner of a selected control - a mystery

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Not quite sure I understand this (I did once, but i’ve got rusty - oil can!). I assumed that the following code would exactly fill a page:

   set the printCardBorders to true
   set the printPaperSize to (the width of this card) & "," & (the height of this card)
   set the printMargins to "0,0,0,0" 
   print this card

But maybe you're saying that there is some hidden factor here. One thing I can think of in a physical bit of paper (which a PDF isn't, really) is that only certain printers can print to the very edge, so there might be a kind of hidden margin (is this "the available print area"?). I am not sure if the printPaperRect comes into this: as far as I can see, it shouldn't, since the printMargins are measured from the edge of the page according to the LC Dictionary. The printing might be cropped if edge-to-edge isn't available, but that should not increase the number of pages printed, should it?

I will experiment some more.


> On 21 Feb 2015, at 21:14, J. Landman Gay <jacque at> wrote:
> On 2/21/2015 10:11 AM, Graham Samuel wrote:
>> 1. When you print to a pdf file, you often get a blank page. I have
>> not yet found that the solution offered (putting a ‘print break’ into
>> the script) works for me.
> If the bounds of the printout overrun the available print area, LC will push the content down to another page. It sounds like you may have margins at either the top or bottom of the page that are too large to accomodate the height of the printout.
> You can set the margins to a smaller number, or use the "print into rect" syntax to scale the output to fit. Remember when dealing with margins that the margins represent the amount of space around the rect of the card itself. If your fields or other controls are not at the very edges of the card, then they will be inset more than just the margin amounts.
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