A nasty experience with "the currentcard"

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Feb 21 02:39:44 EST 2015

Geoff Canyon wrote:

 > It seems currentcard is undocumented. I don't even know where I
 > came up with it. But it works in general:
 >     put the long id of  the currentcard of the topstack
 > works fine in the message box. It also works in the script of
 > a button -- generally. As it turns out, the above will give an
 > error *if* the button is in a palette stack, but not if it's
 > in a toplevel stack. (at least in 6.7.1 on a mac) I can't really
 > call it a bug since "currentcard" isn't in the dictionary. But
 > it just cost me two hours of my life, so this my primitive
 > yawp of frustration.

I didn't know about "currentCard" so I just tried it - made a two 
stacks, the first opens the second as a palette, and the second has the 
statement shown above in a button's mouseUp handler.  Works as expected.

Also works with "this card".

LC 6.7.2, Ubuntu 14.04

If "currentCard" is undocumented what prompted you to try it?

Does it work with "this card"?

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