7.0 Issues

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Feb 19 20:14:36 EST 2015

J. Landman Gay wrote:
>  From what you've seen, it sounds like the default in 7.0 is to encode
> the new way, and the dictionary is misleading. Richard G. mentioned on
> the list that the default was the new encoding.

To clarify, the new method is used where it exists. :)

It works very much like stack file formats, where the default is the 
current format unless you specify otherwise.

And as with file formats, you can save in older formats from the newer 

Also like file formats, apparently v6.7.x is at least somewhat aware of 
later array formats, even if it can't generate them.  It allows you to 
use the optional second argument with "arrayEncode" - it won't actually 
do anything since v6.7 doesn't understand later encoding formats, but it 
won't choke on a second param either.

This is rarely needed, for the few code bases that must run on both 6.7 
and 7.0 during the same development cycle.  It's much more common for 
development workflows to move forward, so this will be needed by very few.

I happened to be one of them, since I have a projects that has v6 
clients in the wild and uses v7 on the server, and I test my server code 
in a local ad hoc server emulator under v6.7.  Can't imagine many need 
to run the same code in both environments, but if you do it seems to 
work well provided you're using a reasonably recent v6.7 build.

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