[ANN] R.I.P. Mac Mini

Bob Warren bobwarren at howsoft.com
Wed Feb 18 20:31:52 EST 2015

A few days back I finished doing a few minor corrections to my Unicode 
"File/Folder/Picture Choosers" for Windows and Linux, and declared them 
"stable". If you download them, please test them well before 
distributing them in any way, to make absolutely sure they are as 
"stable" as I think they are.

I then had an idea. I had had a first-generation Mac Mini sitting in the 
corner of my computer room for a long time, and I hadn't done much with 
it. (One reason is that it had a broken DVD drive.) It occurred to me 
that since the Mac file system is not so different to that of Linux, it 
might not be too difficult to produce some chooser widgets for Mac as 
well. Of course, they would need to be "legacy" (English only) widgets, 
because the machine had OS X Tiger 10.4 that was not supported by 
LiveCode/Unicode. So I had a bash at it. I rolled the Linux and Windows 
widgets together, and soon came up with a new set of MAC chooser widgets 
that had reached what I might fairly call the "beta" stage. However, the 
very day after, my Mini started going a bit crazy, and like a drip I 
didn't realize immediately that the cooling system had failed and that 
it was overheating. The end result is that now I have a "fried" Mac 
Mini. I do not intend to buy another one. In Brazil (my country of 
residence), Macs are impossibly expensive. If I replaced my simple Mini 
with an equivalent modern one, it would cost me $1,500 (which you might 
find difficult to believe). You now know why Macs are extremely rare in 

Luckily, I had not only finished the programs, I had taken a few 
screenshots. I was therefore able to put the widgets up at my site:




Under the circumstances (of my now being "Macless"), I'd be grateful if 
any of you could tell me:

a) whether these widgets work on a "real" MAC;
b) whether they are stable enough for usage in your opinion;
b) whether they detect DVD drives correctly as well as other USB devices 
such as pendrives and external HDs.


Regards to all.

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