doesn't recognize the current card and stack

William Prothero prothero at
Wed Feb 18 18:53:54 EST 2015

I have one stack that calls another stack using:
go to stack “myStack"

In “myStack” I’ve got an openstack and open card handler in the first card of a stack that I’m opening. But, all of the references to fields, in my initialization code, require the complete card and stack name. If I put in a breakpoint and use the message box to do:
put the short name of this stack
put the short name of this card

I get the current card I’m on. But, the references to the objects on that card require:

put myText into field “myField” of cd “myCard” of stack “myStack”

instead of 

put myText into field “myField”

Is there a way I can get the code to recognize the stack it’s in?


William A. Prothero

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