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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 18 20:38:20 CET 2015

Graham Samuel wrote:

 > Richard, great insight as usual. I see that bothering with HTML
 > was probably a totally unnecessary trip down the rabbit hole.

HtmlText is great for many things, but styledText is also pretty cool, 
and as Jacque suggested using the LC commands to set the style 
attributes in place is great too.

 > While I hide behind a rock (to deflect the shrapnel), who decided
 > what the standard for style runs should be? Not Microsoft, I assume.

It would be cool if Fraser defined the formats for all text engines, so 
we wouldn't have so much trouble with copy-n-paste from Word or LibreOffice.

I believe each text engine uses its own internal format, with APIs 
defined for app-neutral formats in the OS Clipboard.

 > Like there are some underlying conventions that are hidden from the
 > public gaze..

If so inclined, at least LiveCode's source is publicly available:

 > Arrays, forsooth. I suppose I'd better dust off my understanding of
 > those blighters. Used to use them for purely numeric work (but that
 > was when dinosaurs ruled the Earth).

LiveCode's associative arrays are a joy to work with.  They'll change 
much of your coding style for sure, well worth the effort to get to know 
them well.

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