AW: App Software Warranty?

Dave Kilroy dave at
Tue Feb 17 11:59:07 EST 2015

Hi Tiemo

I'm with you on this one when it comes to developing apps for clients.

I've recently started to specify that the app I will develop for them is
guaranteed to run on specific versions of particular platforms (I used to
just say it would be guaranteed to run on, for example, 'iOS'). 

This is not to set up some way in which I can squeeze money out of
unsuspecting clients but to place what I think is a reasonable context or
boundary around future maintenance of software I deliver. It feels like
without being specific as to OS versions there is nothing to stop a client
trying to get me to update an app I did for him in 25 years time (assuming
I'm still this side of the turf...). I wouldn't abandon an app in any
reasonable upgrade but as time went by and updates to them became more and
more hard work I would want to start a conversation with the client as to
the options before them...

However, when it comes to apps I might create for direct consumer purchase,
I would prefer to either ensure it worked on current OS versions or withdraw

Kind regards


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