Bill Gates, LiveCode and Education

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sun Feb 15 21:03:45 EST 2015

Hi All, 

Recently, I was reading this interview:

and noticed how the same great ideas from the 80's 
about hypertext, education and the computer revolution 
will be fulfilled by smartphones. 

"Before a child even starts primary school, she will be able 
to use her mom's smartphone to learn her numbers and letters, 
giving her a big head start. 
Software will be able to see when she's having trouble with 
the material and adjust for her pace. She will collaborate 
with teachers and other students in a much richer way. 
If she is learning a language, she'll be able to speak out loud 
and the software will give her feedback on her pronunciation." 

I want to believe that all these great ideas will be embraced, 
accepted and nurtured in the real world. 

The question is: Is the real world ready to embrace these ideas? 
In the place where you live, Could this happen anytime soon? 
or many other things must happen before these ideas become 
a real possibility. 

Thanks in advance 


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