Menu Buttons and the text property

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Sat Feb 14 01:03:10 CET 2015

Trying to come up with a workaround. Turns out that in a combo box the selectedChunk does NOT return the insertion point. Instead it returns the description of the first line of the text of it. For example, I have 5 characters in the combo box, the insertion point is at the end of that text. I have a handler:

on backspaceKey
   put the selectedChunk into StoredChunk
end backspaceKey

StoredChunk now contains char 1 to 12 of button 1, not char 5 to 4 of button 1 like it should. Instead it's the length of the first line of the text of that button. Again, is this what is supposed to happen, or should I submit a bug report? 

Bob S

> On Feb 13, 2015, at 15:37 , Bob Sneidar <bobsneidar at> wrote:
> Hi all. 
> If I set the text of a Combo Menu to a return delimited list, not only does it change the menu options (as it should) but it also sets the Label to the first line of the menu options! That is undesirable for me. 
> Not sure if this is the intended behavior or not. Presently it is shooting me in the foot. If it is, I’ll find a workaround, otherwise I should file a bug report. 
> Bob S

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